Welcome to OSS-iM View

Oss-iM View is a software, consulting, and service company that combines a best-in-class service delivery platform with exceptional business analytics tools. With direct focus on providing an overall delivery platform for service and installation companies with remote/mobile field teams, the company utilizes its Webtracker software to integrate information inputs and delivery organizations across and throughout a supply chain. By doing so, we are able to optimize data analysis for process improvements, resulting in improved communication and decision making throughout our clients' organizations.

Originally developed to support operational supply chain management in a high volume / low margin environment, our software has evolved to provide an exceptional range of support modules from pre-order entry to post sales support (a full service, end to end field services/remote employee management tool built from extensive field management experience). We are not only able to manage and integrate disparate sources of data, but are able to convert this raw data into functional and effective information which connects all levels of employees within an organization. It is this valuable information that allows you to utilize your customers’ information more effectively than they do and, in turn, provide value-added solutions which benefit everyone.

Our systems are designed to improve productivity and increase efficiency through a number of innovative and exceptional initiatives:

Web-based Application with Real-Time Data Feeds

  • Allows remote locations to access and utilize the same information, data and reporting
  • Directly connects to customers, and business partners, automates data flow and information exchange
  • Able to span across multiple industries, while specializing in managing remote field locations

Flexible Data / Information Management

  • Standard or customized data ties in to all levels of operational data – from company-wide down to an individual employee / technician level

Best-in-class Business Analytics

  • Allows us to drive the information and data solutions you require, resulting in your increased ability to focus on specific areas requiring attention and drill down to determine root cause analysis Standalone or customizable software
  • Directly supports operating/field management, and spans Operations, Human Resources, Finance, IS/IT, Project Management and Business Analytics to create a cross-organizational, performance management driven organization
  • Can be integrated with existing tools and processes or utilized to replace existing programs, and is scalable to meet and manage growth requirements


  • Core: Microsoft SQL Server database, Web Server, ASP, JavaScript
  • Peripheral: Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Palm O/S, Windows Mobile O/S
  • 10+ years of management experience embedded in software (v1 1997, v2 2001, v3 2007)


  • Improved efficiency & productivity – data feeds provide automation opportunities & reports are emailed out or available on demand
  • Increased sales & jobs per day
  • Improved communication between customers & technicians
  • Able to provide more accurate & complete information, as well as better access to this information
  • Better data quality results in a the ability to make informed business decisions